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Top Audiophile Sites

If you're interested in headphones, odds are you're a music lover. You might even be a self confessed audiophile. Or maybe you just enjoy the sound of a great record being played through great equipment.

Whatever the case, you probably see value in quality. Awful gear can draw even the best of records down to the abyss that we call bad music.

With that motivational thought in mind, we've made a list of some of our favorite audiophile sites. If ever you're in doubt about anything gear or audio related, these websites will be a remarkable resource.

Who are we kidding!

You don't need to be in doubt about anything to visit these pages. They are written by extraordinary people, and bring joy to audiophiles and music lovers all over the world. Digg in and enjoy! The titles are hyperlinked to the respective websites.

Let's start this list of with one of the big ones! The magnificent site, Stereophile. They're a collection of very skilled writers, who cover virtually everything audio related. They have some of the best reviews, news, and buyer's guides that are out there. If you're a headphone enthusiast, audiophile, or simply enjoy good music - chances are you'll love Stereophile.

A well known face on Stereophile is the audiophile veteran, Steven Stone. He is the editor of Audiophile Review and has a long history with writing, music, and recording. He doesn't focus on a specific audio source, but writes about audio in general.

Audiophile Review is one of the best audiophile blogs that are out there. They write about everything from headphones to high quality music. Go check it out!

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This is another extraordinary site. They have some of the most amazing reviews and guides. One of our favorites is the Sunday Morning Hi-Fi series. The Absolute Sound is a tightly knit community of audiophiles and music lovers. It's a monthly print and digital magazine. So if you like magazines, you should definitely sign up! It is not at all necessary though, as their website features a heap of free, fantastic content.

I would be surprised if you haven't heard of CNET before. They've been a giant in the technology industry for an exceedingly long time now. They have quite a few expert reviewers, who really dig in to their products. We can't go without giving Steve Guttenberg a shout-out. With over 500 reviews and 1,000 articles, he's one of the most influential guys in the audiophile community.

Run by Trevor Cox, a professor at the University of Salford, this blog is of a more technical nature. He teaches Acoustic and Audio Engineering and does research in Acoustics. With the level of technical knowledge that Trevor has, his posts make an interesting read for anyone interested in audio on a deeper level.

A unique blog title that has taken the community by storm. The site contains a heap of great reviews. The posts are written with humor, but that doesn't take away any of their professionalism. On the contrary, it enriches the content. Too many sites are written in a dull, boring tone. Not this one! The blog is run by Scot Hull, a very talented and hard working enthusiast. Part Time Audiophile has teamed up with AudioHead (see below), which I can only imagine will increase their sites popularity.

As mentioned above, Brian Hunter from AudioHead has teamed up with Part Time Audiophile. One could imagine that all the magic would then happen at Part Time Audiophile. True? Not at all! Both sites are fantastic. Each in its own way, though, with more similar styles than you might imagine. Definitely worth checking out.

The Moon Audio website sells headphones, earphones and premium audio cables. They have a blog, run by Drew Baird, where he posts regularly. He posts about virtually anything audio gear related. It's always nice when people who know their business take the time to post quality, helpful content. Well, that's exactly what Drew does. His posts are an extraordinary resource - great, helpful and a joy to read.