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Brainwavz Hooka Review 2017: All Metal Headphone Hanger

The Brainwavz Hooka is a simple, yet elegant headphone hanger. It has a beautiful design and is incredibly robust for such a small thing. Additionally, it is super quick and easy to install, and it should be able to hold even the heaviest headphones that you have lying around.

Our Rating:


  • Small
  • Beautiful
  • Robust


  • No alternative mounting option

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to install
  • All metal

Disclaimer: Brainwavz provided me with a review sample of the Hooka. This does not, however, affect this review in any way. This review is my personal and subjective opinion.


Build Quality



  • Weight:  125g
  • Dimensions : 102 mm x 46 mm x 58 mm 
  • Plate Length : 78 mm 
  • Plate Width : 46 mm
  • Material: All-Metal die-cast Aluminum 

Brainwavz Hooka Detailed Review

Below, you'll find our detailed Brainwavz Hooka review.

Video Overview


The Brainwavz Hooka comes in a clear plastic container. Simple is the right word to describe it. They definitely haven't made the packaging the focus of this product (and why should they).

The Brainwavz Hooka can be seen through the front of the box, while the back contains all the relevant information about the product.

Back view of the Brainwavz Hooka packaging

Back of the Brainwavz Hooka packaging.

Build Quality and Design

The Hooka is made from die-cast aluminum and, as expected, it feels very stable and sturdy when holding it. It has a beautiful black color that compliments its design rather well.

Let's get one thing straight:

The strong point of the Hooka is definitely its simplicity.

It's small and compact. Exactly as a headphone hanger should be, in my opinion. I don't want it to steal the spotlight of the beauties that I decide to hang on it (which, as of lately, has been the Beyerdynamic T5p).

View from above on the Hooka

Topview of the Hooka.

The Hooka has the Brainwavz logo printed on the top and the brand name printed on the faceplate. At the end of the hanger, you'll find a raised hook. This is to prevent headphones from sliding off the hanger.

A very nice feature, if you ask me.

Side view of the Hooka

The hanger is curved. You won't find a single sharp edge on the thing (unlike many other hangers out there!), which is good, as the last thing you want is your headphones to be damaged by a sharp corner.

On the back of the faceplate, you'll find the foam tape (the 3M VHB™, to be precise).

Back of the Brainwavz Hooka

The back of the Hooka.

It's very simple to use:

Just remove the sticker and stick the hanger wherever you want it.

But be careful:

When you have placed it, it likely won't come off easily. So consider your position carefully.

Brainwavz claim that it can hold the heaviest of headphones, and I have no reason to doubt that. It seems incredibly strong for such a little thing.


The value that Brainwavz provide with the Hooka headphone hanger is astonishing. It goes for less than $20, which is a fantastic deal!

Overall Score

Conclusion of Our Brainwavz Hooka Review

The Brainwavz Hooka is a simple headphone hanger that does exactly what it is supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

You don't get this product for the beautiful design (though that's an added bonus). You get it because it's a very effective headphone hanger that is very robust and compact and doesn't take up a lot of space.

I would definitely recommend this headphone hanger to anyone looking for a hanger that's quick and easy to install, and doesn't want to bother with screws or bolts.

If this sounds like you, then the Brainwavz Hooka is definitely worth checking out. You can find it here.

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