Edifier H840 Review: Here’s What to Expect

The Edifier H840 is a very decent pair of headphones. They deliver a good sound quality, as well as build quality and comfort at a reasonable price. I'd recommend these headphones to most casual listeners who aren't looking to spend big bucks.

Our Rating:


  • Good sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for the price


  • Noisy when moving
  • Headband is slightly too tight

Key Features

  • 2 meter cable
  • Lightweight

Disclaimer: Edifier provided me with a review sample of the Edifier H840. This does not, however, affect this review in any way. This review is my personal and subjective opinion.


Sound Quality

Build Quality




  • Driver Unit: 40 mm
  • Rated Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB
  • Cable: 2 m
  • Plug: 3.5 mm stereo

Who They ARE For

  • The bass lover
  • The casual listener
  • Those who enjoy playing with an EQ

Who They Are NOT For

  • The extremely picky listener
  • Those who are looking for high-end audio equipment

Edifier H840 Detailed Review

Below, you'll find our detailed Edifier H840 review.

Packaging and Accessories

The Edifier H840 is much of what you'd expect for the given price tag.

They come in a straightforward and clear plastic container with the headphone specifications printed on the back, and a good view of the headphones through the front.

Edifier H840 packaging front

There's nothing too exciting about the packaging.

Breaking the seal, and we find the headphones in question. Nothing more, nothing less.

There aren't any additional accessories, as this is not the focus Edifier had in mind. They wanted to design a beautiful pair of headphones that can deliver in the sound department.

Let's see if they succeeded.

Build Quality and Design

Let's get one thing out of the way:

The Edifier H840 are quite a beautiful pair of headphones.

Sideview of the Edifier H840

I like the color that they chose to go with, along with the silver printing on the speakers.

A major breaking point of many headphones is around the extending mechanism. A lot of headphones seem to creak and shake when you try to extend the speakers.

Not the H840, it has a very well designed extending mechanism.

Close up of the extend mechanism

The major build component seems to be plastic. There's nothing wrong with that as is if the design is sturdy enough.

When I walk around with them, they squeak slightly, feeling like they're not very solid. Nevertheless, when I examine the headphones further, they are very sturdy — they just don't seem that way.

It's sort of unfortunate, as it leads you to the feeling of having a lower quality headphones than you actually do.

The biggest problem I have with the build is the creaking noise they make when I move around. It interferes slightly with my listening experience.

The Edifier H840 is a very lightweight pair. This makes wearing them for extended periods of time easier. It outweighs the fact that the headband adds more than satisfactory levels of pressure of your head. It does for me, anyway.

Edifier H840 headband

The last thing I'd like to talk about regarding the build is the cable.

The cable is insanely long for a portable pair of headphones. Sitting at 2 meters, if you want to walk around with them, you better curl it up or figure out a way to make it shorter.

Comfort, Fit and Isolation

We touched upon this topic briefly in the build quality section.

The H840 is a very lightweight pair, which makes them very comfortable to walk around with for extended periods of time.

It does take some getting used to, though, as the headband adds quite a bit of pressure to your head. However, after wearing them for a couple of minutes, the pressure seemed to get relieved.

They sit very well on the head. At no point did I ever feel that they might fall off.

With regards to isolation, they provide a decent amount of isolation. It is, in my opinion, the perfect middle ground. You can hear every sound around you, but they just become slightly lower.

Full view of the H840

Sound Quality

One of the first thing you'll notice with the H840 is the generous level of bass.

They certainly deliver in the bass department, but not to the extent that I'd classify them as bass-head headphones.

The vocals shine through quite well, which is great for most genres of music.

Topview of the H840

A type that stood out to me was classical and acoustic music. These types of music sound a lot better with an adequate level of bass, which the H840 didn't lack.

The higher end tones are a bit laid back. It wouldn't hurt to have them be slightly more upfront and clearer.

Overall, the Edifier H840 is very nice to listen to. They've got a fantastic separation, and the sensitivity is impressive.


This is arguably where these headphones shine. They go for a very reasonable price, given the sound quality and robust build.

Overall Score

Should I Buy the Edifier H840?

If you've reached this point, then chances are that you're interested in the H840.

If they seem like the type of headphones that you'll enjoy, then you should definitely go for it. You might need to EQ them out slightly to achieve the perfect sound, but it is, in my opinion, not necessary for most people (only the truly picky).

Conclusion of Our Edifier H840 Review

The Edifier H840 is an interesting pair. On the one side, they seem like they're a pair of low-quality plastic headphones, but upon closer inspection, they turn out to be quite decent after all.

Both the sound quality and signature are on the better side. They've got a slight emphasis on the bass end, which suits many genres well.

The build quality is solid, though it may not seem like it, to begin with.

Overall, they're a comfortable and decent pair of headphones that I'd recommend to the casual listener, not looking to spend big bucks.

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